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Praise Team Vocals
JAM Concert

Enrollment Form

Please Read Details Below:

Monthly Tuition

30 min      $160

one-time registration fee of $70
*Payments due at the time of registration 


On a monthly basis due by the
1st of each month.
Payments may be made online by debit card, credit card

(PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and AmEx). Check accepted made out to JAM.

***Fees are for the month, and will not be pro-rated or adjusted if the child misses or if there are scheduled days off in the month. Thirty days' notice to the Janow Academy is required to drop a class. Accounts must be kept current in order to continue using the program. Accounts overdue for 30 days will be denied the privilege of using the program.

Individual Lessons Registration

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